Our mission is to confront challenges to health, social, education and economic opportunities, and strategically advance effective community-based solutions.

Our Culture Statement

We are a COMMUNITY of compassionate individuals, delivering exceptional caring SERVICE to improve the lives of those we serve. We are bound by a singular desire to eliminate disparities and create equitable opportunities for all, valuing and respecting the unique roles each of us play in the fulfillment of our mission. As the COUNCIL, we stand united to bring hope to those who feel hopeless and help to those most in need, so that collectively, we are empowering lives across a stronger, healthier Oklahoma.

Let’s ensure a complete count for Oklahoma in the 2020 Census!

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Data & Research

We provide data on social and demographic conditions and trends as a tool for identifying and responding to community needs.

Our Funders

Community Service Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit supported by donations from individuals, organizations and businesses; grants from local and national foundations; and grants from federal, state and local government.  We are grateful all of our donors who make our work possible! More >