Mission and Vision

Since 1941, we have addressed Oklahoma’s most critical social service, health, education and civic challenges.
Today, we remain Oklahoma’s trusted planning organization for community improvement.

Our Vision

A community empowered to ignite opportunities and eliminate disparities for all people across the lifespan.

Our Mission

To confront challenges to health, social, education and economic opportunities, and strategically advance effective community-based solutions. We do this through research, planning, networking, and mobilizing resources.

Our Functions

Our Strategic Plan

1. Use knowledge of demographics, science and technology, economics, and culture to provide leadership for best shaping a historically different new era ahead that will offer a high quality of life for Oklahomans.

2. Apply that knowledge to implement an overall prevention strategy for enhancing human development focused on investing in people across the lifespan, enabling more individuals to care for themselves and their families, and to contribute to a positive civic health.

3. Place priority on investing early but also advancing opportunities for those challenged by poor conditions (e.g., homelessness, financial crisis) and personal choices (e.g., criminal behavior).

4. Advance this prevention approach through best practice research, shaping new thinking, directions and partnerships among large public institutions and systems to reach the growing large numbers of individuals needing effective, often sustained, supports to obtain desired level of self-sufficiency.


SERVICE  |  The action of helping or doing work for/with someone
EQUITY  |  The quality of being fair and impartial
 INTEGRITY  |  The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
COLLABORATION  |  Produced or conducted by two or more parties working together
ADAPTABLILITY  |  Ready and able to change so as to adjust to different circumstances

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives through Research, Planning and Action