Youthful Drunk Driving Program

Educating First-Time Offenders and Providing the Opportunity to Change their Lives

Starting in 1994, CSC’s Youthful Drunk Driving program is a progressive prevention program designed to educate young people and motivate them to make different choices regarding drinking and driving. The program offers a number of positive advantages for the courts and cities that use it as a requirement for first-time DUI offenders under the age of 30. The offender is required to attend an orientation to the program at which time the defendant will schedule a visit to an ER Trauma room as well as a funeral home and a physical rehab facility. The offender is required to attend a Victim Impact Panel and write a 500 word essay of their experience in the program. 

Our Location

The Wright Building, 115 West 3rd St., #600 | Tulsa, OK 74103 (3rd and Cheyenne)

Our Work

The only program of its kind in Oklahoma
Educating young offenders on the dangers of drinking and driving
Spanish speaking services are provided by court approved interpreters

Current Priorities

 Reduce repeat DUI arrests
 Educate on the impact of a DUI
 Show the physical and possible deadly ramifications of drinking and driving
 Show the life shattering effects of a DUI wreck

For More Information

Candy Horn
YDD/CRASHs Court Coordinator

This initiative aligns with CSC’s overall strategic plan.  Learn More

Our Partners

  • St. Johns Hospital
  • Floral Haven Funeral Home
  • Kaiser Rehabilitation
  • Tulsa area Victim Impact Speakers

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