Who Is Tulsa? Series

The purpose of CSC’s Who Is Tulsa? Series is to inform and educate community leaders, elected officials and the public in general about the changing demographic and socioeconomic makeup of Tulsa and Tulsa County, and the imperative of understanding how these trends affect the future of our community.

Please click below to learn how the Tulsa area, like most cities, counties, and metro areas in the U.S., is experiencing profound demographic, economic and social changes whose influence will be significantly felt for decades to come. Discover the causes of these dramatic shifts, the historical influence of these factors, and how a heightened awareness and understanding of these realities can help us secure opportunities and sustained solutions ahead. 

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Who is Tulsa?

The first report takes a close look at Tulsa’s changing demographics and conditions for the city, county and metro area.

Executive Summary >        Full Report >

Volume 1: April 2014

Who Is Tulsa? Young Children

The second report spotlights conditions and trends specifically related to children under age 5 in Tulsa and Tulsa County.

Executive Summary >             Full Report >

Who Is Tulsa? Diversity

The third report will highlight data and trends specifically related to rising diversity in Tulsa and Tulsa County.


Volume 3: Coming Soon

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