2020 Census Tulsa Regional Complete Count Committee

The 2020 Census Tulsa Regional Complete Count Committee (CCC) is a group of representatives from local government and neighborhoods, tribes and ethnic communities, social service and planning agencies, foundations and businesses, local churches and the regional chamber of commerce, who have joined forces to ensure a complete Census count for the Tulsa Region in 2020. A complete count in the Decennial Census benefits all of us in many ways, from representation in Congress to federal funding for local services and infrastructure. Over the next year, Tulsa Regional CCC subcommittees based on hard-to-count populations will plan and implement events and activities throughout the Tulsa region to increase awareness about and encourage participation in the Decennial Census.

You can still be part of Tulsa’s efforts to ensure a complete count in 2020!
Email Melanie Poulter
to join the Tulsa Regional CCC. 

Tulsa 2020 Planning Committee

  • Barbara Gibson, INCOG 
  • Mercedes Millberry-Fowler,
    Blue Cross, Blue Shield Oklahoma  
  • Nick Doctor, City of Tulsa 
  • Christina daSilva, City of Tulsa  
  • Melanie Poulter, Community Service Council  

Mayor Bynum’s Official Proclamation for Tulsa 2020

CENSUS SPOTLIGHT: How will the 2020 Census count people experiencing homelessness?

People experiencing homelessness likely have been undercounted in the decennial census for decades, according to a recent brief published by Georgetown Law. As a result, the needs of this diverse population—and the communities where they live—may not be represented or prioritized fully and appropriately. There are a number of ways that the 2020 Census will count people experiencing homelessness in the United States. However, more can and should be done to ensure that this population is measured as accurately as possible. Click below to learn more.

Will You Count? People Experiencing Homelessness in the 2020 Census
Counting People Experiencing Homelessness: A Guide to 2020 Census Operations

Tulsa 2020 Census Complete Count Committee Work in Action!

Thank you for helping ensure that every one counts in 2020.