The 2020 Census Tulsa Regional Complete Count Committee (CCC) is a group of representatives from local government and neighborhoods, tribes and ethnic communities, social service and planning agencies, foundations and businesses, local churches and the regional chamber of commerce, who have joined forces to ensure a complete census count for the Tulsa Region in 2020. A complete count in the Decennial Census benefits all of us in many ways, from representation in Congress to federal funding for local services and infrastructure. Over the next year, Tulsa Regional CCC subcommittees based on undercounted populations will plan and implement events and activities throughout the Tulsa region to increase awareness about and encourage participation in the Decennial Census.

Hard to Count Map: Mapping “Self-Response” for a Fair and Accurate 2020 Census

Click/tap the map to view the latest 2020 self-response rates plus comparisons with 2000 & 2010. Use the map to follow your state’s census progress, and fine-tune your 2020 Census campaigns — even as the coronavirus pandemic has complicated census outreach. The rates represent the number of households that fill out the census on their own, as a percent of all housing units.

Tulsa 2020 Planning Committee

Kyle Ofori, City of Tulsa
Barbara Gibson,

Mercedes Millberry-Fowler,
Blue Cross, Blue Shield Oklahoma

Nick Doctor, City of Tulsa
Melanie Poulter, Community Service Council
Jessica Sisemore, Tulsa Community Foundation
Conner Carroll, Tulsa Chamber
Trey Thaxton, Goldmill Co.

Subcommittees & Chairs

African American: Robert Turner
Zomi: Thang Piang, Disciple Kap Sian
Asian – Outreach: Eugenia Chow & Barbara Cargill
Maria Elena Kuykendall & Jesse Guardiola
Native American/Tribes:
Brant Beaver

Regional Cities & Counties: John Fothergill & Zack Stoycoff
Young Professionals: Andrea Pemberton
Faith-Based Communities: Robert Turner
Homeless: Rhené Ritter
Justice-Involved: Mimi Tarrasch
K-12 Education: Emily Hutton
Higher Education: Melissa Abdo
Resources: Jessica Sisemore

Total Response Rates: Mapping Enumeration Progress by State