Tulsa Weather Coalition

In 2021, EMSA responded to 377 heat-related medical emergencies from Tulsa County residents.

Protecting Tulsa’s Most Vulnerable Residents During Extreme Heat

The Tulsa Weather Coalition is an innovative initiative designed to prevent death or worsening of health problems among frail, elderly and other medically fragile people during the extreme heat of Tulsa’s summers. Our mission is to reduce loss of life and costly hospitalizations caused by the extreme temperatures and humidity of summer. The Coalition began in 1980 following the death of many Tulsans from heat related illnesses. Heat is Oklahoma’s most life threatening weather event!  Heat Alerts issued by EMSA and Heat Advisories issued by the National Weather Service in Tulsa are also part of coordinated efforts to save lives and reduce related hospitalizations.

To receive an air-conditioner, individuals must meet all of the following residency, income, mobility and medical criteria and complete an application with Tulsa Weather Coalition staff:

  • No other air-conditioner in the home
  • Live in Tulsa County
  • Enrolled in a public assistance program or meet low-income guidelines
  • Have a qualifying medical condition that becomes life threatening in extreme heat and is verified by a doctor’s statement
  • Limited ability to get to a cooler place during the hottest part of the day


Fact SheetAir Conditioner Application Installation Agreement Landlord/Homeowner Permission Form

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Our Work

Frail and seriously ill Tulsans, at-risk of hospitalization or death from heat related illnesses, receive home visits, extensive education about dealing with life-threatening heat and other conditions, and, if eligible, are given a room-sized air conditioner. This combined effort between CSC, Mental Health Association Oklahoma, the City of Tulsa, Tulsa Health Department and the Emergency Medical Services Authority, results in lower hospitalization and death rates from heat-related illnesses.

We aim to prevent heat related deaths and illnesses through public education and by providing room size air conditioners to low-income, seriously ill persons. Households which meet health and income criteria may receive a window air conditioning unit. Most recipients have limited mobility and are low-income. Medical criteria include congestive heart failure, emphysema, renal dialysis treatment, burns, HIV/AIDS, and other serious illnesses.

Access Our Services: Call 918-588-8401

More Information About Our Program

  • We purchase air conditioners using private donations at a cost of $100-$150. Monetary donations of any amount are needed. Donations of new (not used) air conditioners are also welcome.
  • Most of our clients are at least 55 years of age and have serious lung or heart disorders, with limited mobility and lack of access to other cool environments with relatives or friends.
  • Air conditioners are now gifted to our clients, and no longer loaned as it was in the past. 
  • The Coalition originated in 1980 in response to a heat wave that claimed the lives of 13 Tulsa residents.

Thank you to our community partners
who make this coalition possible!