Incarceration Reduction Initiatives

Saving Resources, Finding Alternatives, Increasing Success

Incarceration Reduction Director: Corey Roberts

In 2018, Oklahoma had the highest incarceration rate in the nation. The following initiatives implement strategies to reduce incarcerations in Oklahoma and keep people out of prison and on the path to recovery and employment, an essential element to saving resources and increasing opportunities for success. Oklahoma has the second highest incarceration rate in the nation. Statics show that 95% of people in prison will be released, but only 1 in 3 will be arrest-free three years later, creating a cycle of incarceration that costs the state in both dollars and community safety. 

To confront this issue and accomplish our goal, we focus on court-supervised treatment as an alternative to incarceration, operating the largest alternative courts program in Oklahoma. Our programs are a minimum of 18 months, requiring participants to attend regular court appearances, treatment appointments, supervision visits and random drug testing. Graduates also have opportunities to further their education, return to the workforce, or advance their career during their time in our program.

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