Public Policy

Providing the Infrastructure to Affect Change for Oklahomans

We strive to ensure our stakeholders have a presence at the state capital, the support of the media, and cooperation with other groups across the state. We look at the big picture, identifying the issues that must be addressed for our community to grow, thrive and be a good place to live. Public policy efforts at CSC convene all stakeholders, including government and the private sector, to solve problems, and provide the infrastructure to affect change for Oklahoma. 

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Public Policy

Commitment, Leadership and Resources 
for Policy Change

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Heather Hope-Hernandez
Chief of External Affairs, Community Service Council
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CSC’s Public Policy Impact in Recent Years

Successful public policy campaigns in recent years have resulted in progress in these and other areas:

  • Establishment of the first research based state-wide child abuse and neglect prevention program in the United States, called Children First, and significant expansion of other prevention programs
  • Establishment of the first Drug Court in Oklahoma, now state-wide; a specialized mental health court and veterans court have also been established in Tulsa County
  • Transformation of the Council’s Helpline into a 2-1-1 assistance center, and 2-1-1 expansion state-wide
  • Formation of a Governor’s task force on early childhood education and development, resulting in the establishment of the state level Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness (Smart Start Oklahoma)
  • HIV/AIDS funding for treatment and prevention services

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives through Research, Planning and Action