Our Work

Our mission underlying all of our work is to confront challenges to health, social, education and economic opportunities, and strategically advance effective community-based solutions. We do this through through direct services that provide and connect people to the help and hope they need; provision of a 360-degree fully coordinated referral network for our provider community via our 211 Eastern Oklahoma Coordination Center; support for other nonprofit agencies to strengthen their capacity to serve those in need; data and research that identifies demographic and socioeconomic conditions in our community; community education and training with a focus on family and early childhood health and safety promotion; and collective impact work that convenes local and national partners to implement innovative strategies for a stronger Oklahoma.

Thank you to our donors and grantors who believe in our mission and make these programs, and all of our work, possible.


Community Service Council also provides a significant amount of support to many nonprofits in our region to strengthen their capacity to fulfill their missions and serve those in need. We provide the following services to our community partner agencies: 

Community data, research and reporting
Incubation for new community intiativies
37-county referral system using cutting-edge technology and our 211 Eastern Oklahoma platform
Fiduciary management
Operational infrastructure
Publishing, marketing and design services
Trainings and education
Facilitation of community conversations
Full-service community conference center
And much more…contact our CEO Pam Ballard to learn how we can support your organization.

Collectively, the Community Service Council fulfills these vital roles for our community:

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives through Research, Planning and Action