Oklahoma Veteran Connections

THE FIRST COORDINATED REFERRAL NETWORK IN OKLAHOMA, our mission is to transform systems of service delivery to veterans through a 360-degree referral process for partner providers. This person-centered service delivery system will empower organizations serving veterans to seamlessly create and receive referrals while easily tracking outcomes to more efficiently connect veterans to needed help. See the full program brochure >


Unite Us is the technology infrastructure behind Oklahoma Veteran Connections, and is the leading technology platform for community health networks across the country. Unite Us has reinvented the delivery of health, human and social services and disrupted the fragmented health and human services industry by enabling healthcare providers, government agencies and community organizations to chaperon clients through a network of providers who together can better meet their comprehensive needs. Learn more >

Recognized as a Best Practice by the U.S. Department of Defense Building Healthy Military Communities initiative.


  • We envision a community where veterans and their families never have to fight a war on their own home turf…for housing, employment, better health, or just fighting to know which way to turn.
  • We envision a community collaborating with trusted service providers to swiftly connect veterans and their families to the resources they need.
  • We envision a community of service providers empowered through a shared network to collaborate on referrals to reduce delays; track and close the loop on referrals; access key data for assessments; and relay outcomes and impact to funders.


Pete Luitwieler, Program Manager
Oklahoma Veteran Alliance, Community Service Council
918-630-1891 | pluitwieler@csctulsa.org

Rachel Runfola, Director
Veterans Initiatives, Community Service Council
918-588-8418 | rrunfola@csctulsa.org