Oklahoma Veteran Alliance

Our name has changed! Warrior Partnerships of Eastern Oklahoma is now the Oklahoma Veteran Alliance.
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We believe veterans and their families should never have to fight alone in the battle for home.

Oklahoma Veteran Alliance is a statewide network of veteran service providers, advocates and champions anchored by two key programs – Oklahoma Veteran Connections and Veteran Rally Points, both U.S. Department of Defense Best Practice Models. Together, these programs offer holistic methods to bring our heroes home and effectively identify those in need of healthy social connections and resources. Emphasizing both the need for relationships and resources is a research-based best practice empowering those who have served, while effectively reducing veteran suicide.

Our Mission: Supporting the Hero’s Journey Home

Veterans are changed forever by and through their military service to the United States of America. While service members receive best-in-class training, the transitional journey from active duty to veteran can be deeply challenging for some. This journey home is a cultural shift that often occurs with internal, invisible wounds, such as feelings of extreme isolation. Together these challenges can make the hero’s journey home its own storm of war. We, as Oklahomans, need to ensure our own heroes and their families never have to fight alone in the battle for home. As our heroes answered the call to serve, Oklahoma Veteran Alliance has answered the call to help our heroes home.

Our Work: Pathways, Providers and Partners

We believe, like the heroes we serve, that no battlefield operation has ever been won alone. Many of our heroes experience yet another battle upon transitioning home from active duty – we call this the battle for home. It is this battle that is claiming the lives of our heroes by 20—or more—suicides daily. Just as in the theatre of war, the battle for home cannot be won alone. This is why Oklahoma Veteran Alliance exists: to forge PATHWAYS across Oklahoma where PROVIDERS can serve and PARTNERS can support.

Our Programs: Named Best Practice Models
by the U.S. Department of Defense

Why do we need the Oklahoma Veteran Alliance?

303,205 Veterans in Oklahoma, September 2017

20,229 Oklahoma veterans earning below the poverty level in 2017

97,575 Oklahoma veterans who had a disability in 2017

313 Homeless veterans living in Oklahoma in 2018

110 Veteran suicide deaths in Oklahoma in 2016

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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Peter Luitwieler
Program Manager

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Key leaders within Oklahoma Veteran Alliance are Air Force, Army, Marine and Navy veterans. Their first-hand knowledge is invaluable to the success of our mission.

High Needs Areas for Oklahoma Veterans

Join Oklahoma’s alliance of veteran partners and providers, and help create pathways to help and to hope for our heroes. Contact us to learn more.