We believe veterans and their families should never have to fight alone in the battle for home.

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Join Oklahoma’s alliance of veteran partners and providers,
and help create pathways to help and to hope for veterans. 

Oklahoma Veteran Alliance (OKVA) is a statewide network of veteran service providers, advocates and champions that work together to identify methods to help veterans transition into civilian life and access resources and healthy social connections. Emphasizing both the need for relationships and resources is a research-based best practice that empowers veterans and effectively reduces rates of veteran suicide. OKVA is facilitated by the Community Service Council, a Tulsa-based nonprofit social services organization.

Our Mission: Supporting Veterans’ Journey Home

Veterans are changed forever by and through their military service to the United States of America. Every year in Oklahoma, 3,300 service members transition from active duty to civilian life. While service members receive best-in-class training, the transitional journey from active duty to veteran can be deeply challenging for some. This journey home is a cultural shift that often occurs with internal, invisible wounds, such as feelings of extreme isolation. Together these challenges can make veterans’ journey home its own storm of war. We, as Oklahomans, need to ensure our own veterans and their families never have to fight alone in the battle for home. As veterans answered the call to serve, Oklahoma Veteran Alliance has answered the call to help these heroes home.

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Our Work: Pathways, Providers and Partners

We believe, like the veterans we serve, that no battlefield operation has ever been won alone. Many veterans experience yet another battle upon transitioning home from active duty—we call this the battle for home. It is this battle that is claiming the lives of veterans by 20—or more—suicides daily. This is why Oklahoma Veteran Alliance exists: to forge PATHWAYS across Oklahoma where PROVIDERS can serve and PARTNERS can support. 

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Our Location: The Wright Building, 115 West 3rd Street, Suite 600, Tulsa, OK 74103

Oklahoma Veteran Alliance Program Manager, Community Service Council
Cell (918) 701-9008 | scrow@csctulsa.org

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Key OKVA Initiatives

These initiatives are operated and housed under the umbrella of the Oklahoma Veteran Alliance and the Community Service Council (CSC). Each initiative was developed and launched through OKVA with CSC support and infrastructure.

Where We Focus: High Needs Areas for Oklahoma Veterans

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Unite Oklahoma is a coordinated care network of health and social care providers. Partners in the network are connected through a shared technology platform, Unite Us, which enables them to send and receive electronic referrals, address people’s social needs, and improve health across communities.

Key leaders within Oklahoma Veteran Alliance are Air Force, Army, Marine and Navy veterans. Their first-hand knowledge is invaluable to the success of our mission.

Why support Oklahoma Veteran Alliance?

We rely on donations from our community to sustain our work in supporting veterans in need across Oklahoma. Here are some of the ways we are making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. Thank you for believing in our mission! To donate, please visit csctulsa.org/donate


Veterans are often unaware of the many services and resources available to them. We act as a bridge to help for veterans. We do this by utilizing Unite Oklahoma, a 360-degree (full wrap-around) referral system using cutting-edge technology that quickly connects veterans to qualified providers and tracks the progress of the care received to ensure our heroes are getting the help they need.


We are actively collaborating with leadership from the Oklahoma Governor’s Challenge, led by the Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs, along with Mayor’s Challenges and other statewide agencies to create action steps and programming to reduce veteran suicide. This work is supported by the Department of Veteran Affairs and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


For four years, we have led the Oklahoma Veteran Employer Champions Network and collaborated with Oklahoma employers to recognize and provide training for veteran-ready businesses across Oklahoma. This effort includes sharing best practices with organizations on hiring, retaining, and supporting veteran employees. Learn more about the network here >


OKVA is committed to building stronger communities in support of veterans with Operation Connect. This initiative serves to interface with existing veteran service organizations to provide a positive environment and focus on key areas that can eliminate hurdles to success, such as housing, healthcare, education, employment and legal. This effort is strengthened by our partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs (ODVA) Governor’s Challenge to establish local Mayor’s Challenges in communities across Oklahoma. Additionally, our continued expansion of the Unite Oklahoma platform to provide a 360-degree referral system across Oklahoma will efficiently connect veterans to resources statewide.


Recently, OKVA created the Oklahoma Assistance Locator (VALOR), a web application that utilizes map based tools for connecting users with community resources across the state of Oklahoma. The locator is designed to provide the user (veteran/agencies) a means of locating and identifying community resources at a statewide level for both individual and agency needs with an intuitive web-based mapping interface. Recognizing the value of this tool, Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs has agreed to officially launch VALOR in 2021. Learn more here >VALOR logo


We have played a critical role with several partners in developing a statewide strategic process to ensure incarcerated veterans pending release have housing, employment and other vital resources secure. This initiative, Veteran Avoidance Recovery Redeployment Program (VARRP), will increase the success rate for those being released to reintegrate into their communities and avoid recidivism. We also work with Tulsa County Veterans Treatment Court to help justice-involved veterans avoid prison through a therapeutic alternative to incarceration.

Every year in Oklahoma, 3,300 service members transition from active duty to civilian life. Join Oklahoma’s alliance of veteran partners and providers, and help support local veterans in their journey home. Contact us to learn more. 

Why do we need Oklahoma Veteran Alliance?

296,891 Veterans in Oklahoma, 2021

22,432 Oklahoma veterans earning below the poverty level in 2017

95,261 Oklahoma veterans with a disability in 2017

303 Homeless veterans living in Oklahoma in 2018

123 Veteran suicide deaths in Oklahoma in 2018

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs,
Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs,
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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Unite Oklahoma is a coordinated network in Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties that connects health and social service organizations through a shared technology platform, Unite Us, to send and receive trackable referrals. The platform allows participating organizations to easily connect their clients to a wealth of services, track their clients’ journey across the community, and report on tangible outcomes across a range of services and sectors. It is completely free for any community-based organization to participate in the network.

Unite Oklahoma includes over 105 organizations across Tulsa and Oklahoma Counties, and expanding across rural areas.

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