Veterans Treatment Court: A Graduate’s Success Story

Veterans Treatment Court: A Graduate’s Success Story

CSC’s Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) helps those who served our nation and who have been charged with a criminal offense and also struggle with drug and/or alcohol addictions, and/or mental health problems. VTC is modeled after specialty drug courts proven to be effective in handling criminal cases of substance abusers, restoring lives and preventing future arrests.

In January 2016, Veteran Deric Baser graduated from VTC after serving in the U.S. Army from 2006 to 2012, including a deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantryman. Baser entered VTC in 2013 at age 26. During the program, Baser was successfully able to regain his sobriety, repair relationships with family, start working and even launch his own business at the time of his VTC graduation.

In January 2017, one year later, Tammy Westcott, VTC Program Director, received this update from District Judge Rebecca Nightingale: “Deric Baser just dropped by to visit me. Deric started his own company around graduation time and has been operating about a year. The company just merged with another company and he is experiencing success. Thank you to the [VTC/CSC] team who served Deric Baser. The patience it took for him to work out his addiction issues was all worth it. Deric’s success is why you all work so hard.”

In 2016, 46 veterans including Baser graduated from CSC’s Veterans Treatment Court.

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