CSC’s Tulsa Fatherhood Coalition Links Fathers to Community Resources

CSC’s Tulsa Fatherhood Coalition Links Fathers to Community Resources

Community Service Council’s (CSC) Tulsa Fatherhood Coalition is gearing up to link fathers to community resources through policy setting, training and development, social media and community engagement. CSC’s Tulsa Fatherhood Coalition is a component to CSC’s Tulsa Healthy Start, a program designed to meet the needs of mothers and infants, while focusing on healthy outcomes to reduce infant mortality. The goal of the coalition is to promote father involvement in the lives of their children.

CSC’s Tulsa Fatherhood Coalition assists fathers with making job connections through local job fairs, child support referrals to the Department of Human Services, male reproductive health services, transportation services, food, clothing and housing assistance, as well as behavioral management and communication skills.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “24 million children-one out of three-in America live without a biological father in the home,” putting them at a four times greater risk of poverty, seven times greater risk of becoming pregnant as a teenager and a two times greater risk of dropping out of high school.

“It is our goal to encourage biological fathers as well as father figures to be involved in their children’s daily lives,” said Sekou Clincy, CSC’s Fatherhood Coordinator. “We provide the community resources and work with legislators and state representatives to ensure that each father is able to succeed in their role.”

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