CSC’s Oklahoma Veteran Connections Grows in Partnerships and Efficiency

CSC’s Oklahoma Veteran Connections Grows in Partnerships and Efficiency

Two new providers have joined Oklahoma Veteran Connections – Restore Hope and Parkside Hospital. As of February 12, there are four additional providers that have started their registration process. We have now received service requests from 200+ veterans, resulting in 255+ referrals, and at this point, we have issued 60+ licenses. We also have several new developments we have recently implemented to improve our efficiency in serving veterans.

Pooling Referral System for Employment Requests

We are becoming more efficient and responsive to veterans’ needs. We recently implemented a “pooling referral” concept on employment requests so that when a veteran wants help in obtaining employment, the Coordination Center at CSC will email it to all agencies that can provide the requested services. More than one agency can respond – a true benefit to veterans and agencies.

Intake Form Listing All Services Available

We also created a simple intake form for all providers to use with our heroes, listing all the types of services that Eastern Oklahoma agencies provide. After veterans share their primary needs, they may share other needs when they see this list.

New Category of Supporters

We have created a new category of supporters of called Endorsing Partners.These are significant Oklahoma agencies that indirectly support veterans, but do not provide services directly to them. These agencies understand the vision and mission of OKVC and are committed to helping see that it continues to grow and serve our heroes. We are very appreciative of these organizations for stepping forward to help our veterans with this endorsement. Our endorsing partners to date are:
  • Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
  • City of Tulsa
  • Folds of Honor
If you are interested and not yet connected with or participating in this program, contact Pete Luitwieler.

Learn more about Oklahoma Veteran Connections and see our updated list of providers >

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