CSC’s 211 Eastern Oklahoma Launches Community Needs Dashboard

CSC’s 211 Eastern Oklahoma Launches Community Needs Dashboard

A large role of the Community Service Council is to provide data on social and demographic conditions and trends as a tool for identifying and responding to community needs. On February 11, 2020, Community Service Council’s 211 Eastern Oklahoma (211EOK) celebrated national 211 Day with a presentation to around 100 partner agencies that showcased the program’s latest advancements and new features. Among the list of updates were enhanced partnerships (API or licensure), a closed loop referral system powered by Unite Us, a new Community Engagement Coordinator, the rollout of Live Chat, and a new Community Needs Dashboard.

The Community Needs Dashboard is an interactive, online display of referral volume and needs by county and provider agency, containing a wealth of information for 211EOK partners, who can use the data from the dashboard to monitor referral activity from 211EOK, including referral volume, geography, demographics, types of needs, and more, from a single site.

Additionally, the Dashboard serves to help community leaders and organizations determine trends and gaps related to service needs from the robust data now available for free through this platform, which spans from the year 2011 to present day.

The 211EOK Community Needs Dashboard is live and available at


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