CSC Responds to Recent Concerns involving CAAIR

CSC Responds to Recent Concerns involving CAAIR

We have made numerous statements to the media since the Reveal articles began running last Thursday, Oct. 5, expressing our deep concern about the reported business operations of the CAAIR facility. We have also stated unequivocally that we had no knowledge of problems at the facility. Tulsa County drug court participants are regularly monitored – brought back to Tulsa, interviewed and meet with their care teams and the judges, without significant complaints being reported.

However, in response to the articles, we have suspended referring Tulsa County participants to the facility in question and are conducting an internal review.

The vast majority (98%) of the non-violent felony offenders currently admitted into the drug court program are referred to treatment facilities in Tulsa. CAAIR is not a treatment facility; it is used to help male participants with the required compliance aspects of drug court, including steady employment, housing and clean drug screens that they have proven couldn’t be achieved while staying in Tulsa.

At this time there are 11 Tulsa County participants at CAAIR—which is 2% of the current 536 drug court participants. (We do not include CAAIR participants in the Drug Court count since that count goes to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services which doesn’t count those at CAAIR since it’s not a certified treatment facility.) Right now there are also three participants who have graduated the CAAIR compliance program but requested to stay at the facility to work at Simmons Foods and ride back with CAAIR for court reviews. They are not included in the CAAIR number (11) because they are not currently in the CAAIR program but now work for Simmons Foods and continue their court-ordered monitoring with CAAIR.

For more information, please contact Heather Hope-Hernandez, Chief of External Affairs, Community Service Council.

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