CSC Leader Receives Oklahoma Nursing Association Research Award

CSC Leader Receives Oklahoma Nursing Association Research Award

This October, CSC’s Dr. Su An Phipps, Program Manager for our Healthy Women, Healthy Futures – Oklahoma initiative, was the recipient of the 2017 Oklahoma Nurses Association Nursing Research Award. The Nursing Research Award recipient is a nurse who has made a significant impact on nursing practice through the use of research as a basis for practice innovation. Significant impact on nursing practice means that the nurse has contributed to the creation of new nursing knowledge through research findings; and has improved or created a plan for improving clinical nursing practice and/or patient outcomes in response to the findings.

Specifically, Dr. Phipps was honored for her decades of work devoted to improving Oklahoma’s poor statistics for at-risk mothers and infants.

The mission of the Oklahoma Nurses Association is to empower nurses to improve health care in all specialties and practice settings by working as a community of professional nurses. We are very proud of Dr. Phipps for her extraordinary contributions to health care and health research in Oklahoma.

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