CSC Conducts In-Practice Review of Veteran & Housing Referral Networks

CSC Conducts In-Practice Review of Veteran & Housing Referral Networks

On Feb. 27, CSC’s Veterans and Housing & Homelessness Teams conducted the first In-Practice Review for our Oklahoma Veteran Connections and All Doors Open programs, both 360-degree referral networks which allow service providers to work together more easily to improve outcomes for those we serve. Oklahoma Veteran Connections serves veterans in need, and All Doors Open serves Oklahomans experiencing a housing crisis, or homelessness. We gathered partners and supporters for the review to take a close look at both programs to assess what is working, and what isn’t. We are excited to report that both networks continue to grow, and in only five quarters, Oklahoma Veteran Connections has served 830 veterans, and in two quarters, All Doors Open has served 644 Oklahomans experiencing a housing crisis or homelessness.

Key takeaways were that Oklahoma Veteran Connections has grown from 12 partner agencies to over 40 currently, and All Doors Open has grown from eight partners to 16. Additionally, Oklahoma Veteran Connections has fulfilled 1,512 service requests (averaging 1.82 requests per client) and All Doors Open has fulfilled 901 (averaging 1.39 requests per client.)

We reported the top five needs of our clients from each program, from housing and shelter, to employment, to utilities support, and we reviewed the average time it takes to accept and close referrals for both initiatives.

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