Mental Health Court

Providing Mentally Ill Offenders the Treatment They Need to Live Productive Lives

Community Service Council’s Mental Health Court is part of our Tulsa Alternative Courts program, and bridges two disciplines, criminal law and mental health treatment, in a judicially supervised coordinated systems approach that supports treatment services for mentally ill offenders. Starting in 2007, this therapeutic court approach seeks to protect public safety, break the cycle of repeated contact with the criminal justice system, and provide effective treatment options instead of the usual criminal sanctions for offenders with mental illness.

Improving access to appropriate services within the mental health system reduces the number of repetitive law enforcement contacts for individuals with mental illness, thus reducing the direct cost to the criminal justice system. The interdisciplinary court team includes representatives from the District Attorney and Public Defender’s offices, probation officers, and local community mental health providers. Special Judge Dawn Moody presides over court reviews.

Our mission is to create hope for those involved in the criminal justice system suffering from addiction and mental illness in innovative, therapeutic court settings. Through compassion, inclusion and empowerment, we work collaboratively with community partners to guide participants on the path of transformation leading to sobriety and productive citizenship in the community, with a final result of reduced recidivism and reduced costs to the taxpayer.

Graduation Dates

Mental Health Court graduations are the last Thursday of January, April, July, and October. Location and time varies.

Our Location

115 West 3rd, #600, Tulsa, OK 74103

To change one’s nature, disposition,
heart or sense of self

For More Information

Meghan Murphy, Senior Coordinator
Tulsa Alternative Courts Programs
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Our Work

The largest Mental Health Court in Oklahoma
Average of over 100 clients served at any one time over the past year
Keeping the mentally ill out of jail and prison
Helping our client return to a healthy life

Our Partners

Counseling and Recovery Services
Court Services
Department of Corrections Supervision
Family and Children’s Services
OU Impact

Current Priorities

Decrease jail days for Mental Health Court participants
Decrease inpatient hospitalizations
Increase incentive/sanction ratio

Program Brochure

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