Leadership Team

The Community Service Council is comprised of a highly experienced leadership team, 50+ employees, more than 20 community-based initiatives, and is governed by a Board of Directors composed of community leaders from all sectors. Through this support and infrastructure, CSC remains a cutting-edge organization focused on identifying community challenges, researching and pursuing new initiatives, and marshaling resources toward workable solutions while continuing to serve the community.

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Pamela Ballard, MHR, CNE, CNC, Chief Executive Officer  | 918-699-4224  Read Pam’s bio >

Toni Griffey, CPA, Chief Financial Officer  | 918-295-1278 

Melinda Belcher, M.Ed., CRS, Director of Development  | 918-831-7223 

Melinda Belcher, M.Ed., CRS, Tulsa Weather Coalition and Tulsa Human Response Coalition Program Manager  | 918-831-7223

Michael Coonfield, Director of Strategic Operations  | 918-295-1230

Barbara Cargill, RN, BSN, Burmese Peer Educator Program Manager  | 918-557-0819

Sekou Clincy, MHR, Fatherhood Coalition Coordinator  | 918-504-4688

Kelly Kruggel, Director of Communications  | 918-699-4239 

Corrina Jackson, MSM, Healthy Start Program Director  | 918-699-4241

Pete Luitwieler, Oklahoma Veteran Connections and Warrior Partnerships of Eastern Oklahoma Program Manager  | 918-630-1891

Casey Moore, Child Care Resource Center/CACFP Manager  | 918-935-5247

Sharon Nelson, Tulsa Reentry One-Stop Program Manager  | 918-938-6147

Su Phipps, PhD, RN, Healthy Women, Healthy Futures – Oklahoma, Sia Mah Nu and Power of Families Project Program Manager  | 918-295-1222 

Melanie Poulter, MA, Director of Innovation, Data & Research; Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma Director; Equality Indicators Project Manager  | 918-295-1285 

Rachel Runfola, Director of Veterans Programs, SSVF Program Manager  | 918-588-8418 

Jeromee Scot, Manager of Media Relations  | 918-859-9072

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