Infant & Toddler Programs

Oklahoma Right Start Infant Toddler Project

Do you want to improve quality in your infant/toddler classrooms?

My name is LaTia Washington and I am the Infant/Toddler Specialist for CSC’s Child Care Resource Center! My previous experience is in childcare administration as an Education Director and Assistant Director. I’ve also worked as a teacher in infant and toddler programs.

The Oklahoma Right Start Infant Toddler Project helps improve the quality of child care programs by building a strong relationship-based foundation of care for infants and toddlers. We want our providers to thrive and feel confident in their daily tasks in the classroom to enhance the quality of care the infants and toddlers receive. We will strive to model positive behavior and support providers through resources, trainings and technical assistance.

Benefits to Programs >

  • 30 hours of coaching for staff related to Six Essential Practices of Infant/Toddler Care.
  • Enhanced, more effective learning environments.
  • Stronger relationships between children and their caregiver.
  • Expanded positive relationships with families.
  • Increased community involvement and support through resources.

Benefits to Professionals >

  • Free formal training in effective positive interactions with children and their families.
  • Coaching on methods to develop strong relationships and trust with your children.
  • Support and ideas to assist children who may have challenging behaviors.
  • Personalized observation and specific input to form Quality Improvement Plans for your classroom.

Benefits to Children >

  • Relationship-based caregivers.
  • Age-appropriate learning environments.
  • Assistance in building learning environments and learning social skills through play.

Benefits to Families >

  • Caregivers who have received specialized professional development in infant and toddler care.
  • Improved opportunities for relationship building with caregivers.
  • Parent meetings to learn new ways to engage in play and have conversation with your children.

Requirements to Participate >

  • Must provide care for infants and toddlers.
  • Must apply and be accepted into the project. Email LaTia Washington to sign up.
  • Must be OKDHS Licensed at a 1 Star Plus or higher, and have a current subsidy contract.
  • Must have at least 10% of capacity filled with children receiving subsidy.
  • Must select one staff member working at least 30 hours a week with infant and toddlers.

For more information or to sign up for the Oklahoma Right Start Infant Toddler Project, contact LaTia Washington at 918-935-6487 or