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Ending Chronic Homelessness and Ensuring Safe and Stable Housing for Oklahomans

Housing & Homelessness Division Director: Patrice Pratt

Our initiatives assist homeless persons through a systematic local strategy that provides the forum in which service providers, consumers, public officials, and citizens can work together to achieve common goals that facilitate the prevention of and recovery from homelessness. 

We focus on the belief that the solution to homelessness is housing and that by making housing available and accessible to all, our community will have healthy, productive and engaged members. We seek to identify affordable housing options, encourage landlords to receive housing choice vouchers, utilize rapid re-housing funds and SSVF, and to offer “second chance” options to tenants with barriers to housing. 

Our Programs

We support Tulsa’s homeless prevention service providers, coordinate client services, examine data, and unite the community around ending homelessness.

Abode Initiative
All Doors Open
A Way Home For Tulsa
Built for Zero
Homeless Management Information System
Pathways Program 

Homelessness in Tulsa Report

Report released April 2018.
Raw data available here > 

Built for Zero Data Dashboard Monthly Housing & Homelessness Counts

A Way Home For Tulsa consists of several work efforts collaborating to end homelessness, represented by the icons below. Learn more >

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action