Housing & Homelessness Initiatives


JANUARY 2015 – JANUARY 2019: Total individuals housed represents the un-duplicated number of veteran and chronically homeless individuals housed through our initiatives. Learn more >

Ending Chronic Homelessness and Ensuring Safe and Stable Housing for Oklahomans

Our initiatives assist homeless persons through a systematic local strategy that provides the forum in which service providers, consumers, public officials, and citizens can work together to achieve common goals that facilitate the prevention of and recovery from homelessness. 

We focus on the belief that the solution to homelessness is housing and that by making housing available and accessible to all, our community will have healthy, productive and engaged members. We seek to identify affordable housing options, encourage landlords to receive housing choice vouchers, utilize rapid re-housing funds and SSVF, and to offer “second chance” options to tenants with barriers to housing.

Do you see someone today who may need help? Our partners at the Mental Health Association Oklahoma can help. Click here to notify their Outreach & Rapid Response Team.

17 Ways you can help end homelessness!

The only one true end to homelessness is a safe and stable place to call home.

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We support Tulsa’s homeless prevention service providers, coordinate client services, examine data, and unite the community around ending homelessness.

A Way Home For Tulsa
A Way Home for Tulsa Strategic Planning
All Doors Open
Abode Initiative

We are also part of a national campaign known as Built for Zero that has helped guide our work in developing a systematic local strategy for the Tulsa community to achieve common goals and collect meaninful data that facilitate the prevention of and recovery from homelessness.


Homelessness Data

The Community Service Council is committed to providing information about key social and demographic conditions and trends as a tool for identifying, addressing and responding to community needs. Our Homelessness Data Dashboards provides the community access to aggregate data from various local and national sources used by A Way Home for Tulsa’s collective impact work to prevent and end homelessness for all Tulsans.

What is A Way Home for Tulsa? 

A Way Home for Tulsa (AWH4T) is a collective impact of 30 voting organizations that plan and implement strategies to support a system of outreach, engagement, assessment, prevention and evaluation for those experiencing homelessness, or those at-risk of homelessness, within Tulsa City/County. A Way Home For Tulsa consists of several work efforts represented by the icons to the right. Learn more >

Links to Homelessness Data >

Aggregate data from various local and national sources used by A Way Home for Tulsa’s collective impact work to prevent and end homelessness for all Tulsans.


In 2018, Community Service Council produced the first Homelessness in Tulsa data report to illustrate the staggering number of Oklahomans facing homelessness in our community. Now in our second year of researching, analyzing and publishing this data set, we have added an online element to its presentation, choosing to publish the printed report in an abbreviated format and directing the community to interactive dashboards for a deeper, more detailed exploration of the data. Read the 2017 report >

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action