Our History: Serving Oklahoma Since 1941

More Than 80 Years of Collaboration, Innovation & Impact

Since 1941, the Community Service Council has served Tulsa throughout eight decades of extraordinary work. Today, CSC is poised to build on our remarkable past, and remain strongly committed to strategically address the current, pressing needs of our community.

As shown during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, CSC demonstrated just how quickly, boldly and creatively our agency pivots to respond to the acute demands of a community in crisis. This flexibility and willing responsiveness is who CSC always has been, as our history shows.

However, in 2023, we’re different too. We’re a more centralized agency, more streamlined and more focused on our core flagship programs. Today, at the heart of everything we do is the desire to serve as a lifeline for Tulsa’s most vulnerable populations.

Click below to view our history and timeline throughout 80 years of serving Tulsa.

This report was prepared in 2021 to commemorate Community Service Council’s 80th anniversary.