Healthy Start

In Tulsa County in 2017, the infant mortality rate for black infants increased to 19 out of 1,000 live births – 4X the rate of white infants. To improve the health outcomes of Oklahoma infants, the Community Service Council’s Healthy Start program helps hundreds of women and infants access culturally sensitive, family-centered, community health and social services to create favorable foundations for children’s development.

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Corrina Jackson, Director

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Infant Mortality 

The purpose of Healthy Start is to reduce infant mortality. The infant mortality rate is the number of babies who die before their first birthday per 1,000 live births. The U.S. rate of infant mortality: 6 in 1,000 births

Supporting expectant parents and giving infants a healthy start

Community Service Council’s Healthy Start is a program designed to meet the needs of mothers and infants living in our community, focusing on healthy outcomes to reduce infant mortality. Healthy Start Care Coordinators work with expectant mothers and their families before, during and after pregnancy, employing strategies to improve maternity care quality focused on patient safety and evidence-based practice. Additionally, the program helps increase understanding of the preventive services covered under the Affordable Care Act. 

Our Primary Mission  > To Reduce Infant Mortality

Community Service Council Healthy Start uses a “Maternity Medical Home” model, a concept first defined in 2010’s Blueprint for Action which identified 11 focus areas to improve maternity care quality. The Community Service Council, in an effort to support the patient centered medical home initiative fostered in the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative and the Office of the National Coordinator Health Information Technology collaborative grants, implemented a second Tulsa Healthy Start Initiative in 2014 from the successful Tulsa Health Department program begun in 1997. CSC has fostered a third program in southeast Oklahoma with the Little Dixie Health Start. Collectively with Oklahoma City, there are four sites working to reduce infant mortality in Oklahoma, and 100 sites throughout the U.S.

CSC’s Healthy Start has 6 Care Coordinators promoting healthy births across Tulsa.

The Healthy Start Care Coordinator assists each client in accessing community, culturally sensitive, family-centered, comprehensive health and social services to women, infant and families. We assist pregnant women and their families by following them throughout pregnancy until the baby reaches two years old. Support for both parents and involvement of fathers also helps support women during pregnancy, thereby strengthening the family and creating the most favorable foundation for infant and youth health development.

Fatherhood Program

The Community Service Council Healthy Start Fatherhood Program is committed to improving the father, parent-child relationship through fatherhood engagement. Our program promotes this philosophy by linking fathers to resources that strengthen the role of an involved father.

We embrace fathers and father figures of all types – biological, foster, adoptive and step fathers – along with male relatives and adult male mentors. Our mission is to promote individual and group education to help men develop the skills needed for a life-long commitment in the lives of their children.

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Our Work

Referrals for prenatal postpartum, well-women and well-child care
Smoking, drug and alcohol cessation and counseling
Nutrition needs and breastfeeding support
Perinatal depression screening
Connection to behavioral health services
Home visiting (if necessary)
Contraception education and reproductive life planning
Child development screening, education and parenting support
Enrollment in WIC (Women Infant and Children)
Plan of Care development

Our Partners

  • Morton Comprehensive Health Care Center
  • St. John Physicians
  • OU Physicians; Social Work Department
  • Utica Park Clinic
  • Supporters of Families with Sickle Cell Disease
  • Tulsa Health Department; Tulsa Healthy Start
  • Healthy Women; Healthy Futures
  • Sprouts Child Development Initiaive
  • OSU Physicians

Current Priorities

  • Improve women’s health by increasing the proportion of Healthy Start participants with health insurance by 90%
  • Increase proportion of Healthy Start participants who in engage in safe sleep behavior by 80%
  • Promote breastfeeding
  • Promote the involvement of fathers and significant others as a support system to mothers during the expecting process

Overall Project Goals

  • Improve women’s health
  • Promote quality services
  • Strengthen family resilience
  • Achieve Collective Impact
  • Increase accountability through quality improvement

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action