The final theme, Services, scored 42.33 out of 100 in 2022, an increase of more than 5.5 points from the baseline score of 36.78 in 2018. Disparities in indicators analyzed in this theme have important implications for the distribution of voice and power of life-changing resources, and of goods, services, and opportunities dependent on the availability of transportation.

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The topics included in this theme involve conditions contributing to Tulsans’ overall quality of life. Access to key resources can make an immense difference in making other opportunities possible; having representation through voting or through public service can give voice to those not normally heard; and effective transportation options can eliminate barriers to educational and employment opportunities.

THE BELOW INTERACTIVE GRAPHS display five years of Tulsa Equality Indicator scores, divided into the three Topics for this Theme, and three Indicators for each Topic. The lines represent each Indicators’ scores for five years, allowing the viewer to observe how each score has changed over time and to compare the scores of different Indicators within a Theme. A hexagon reflects data from previous reporting year.  More on how we measure equality >

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