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Tulsa Equality Indicators Learning Series: Data for Action 

Connect with community leaders, dive deeper into the data and learn more through monthly community engagement sessions, newsletters and blog posts. This learning series is developed to encourage in-depth community conversations around the themes and indicators, share current efforts to address disparities in Tulsa, and equip Tulsa residents to use the report as an advocacy tool.

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Questions & Presentation Requests

Tulsa Equality Indicators is produced in partnership between the Community Service Council and the City of Tulsa. If you have questions, would like more information or would like to schedule a live presentation of Tulsa Equality Indicators for your organization or network, please contact:

Krystal Reyes
Chief Resilience Officer, Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Equity, City of Tulsa
918-596-7712  |

Melanie Poulter, MA
Director of Innovative Data & Research, Community Service Council
918-295-1285   |

Media Inquiries 

Please contact Krystal Reyes or Melanie Poulter (contact information above) or the following members of Community Service Council’s Communications team:

Kelly Kruggel
Director of Communications, Community Service Council
316-253-3838   |

Jeromee Scot
Manager of Media Relations, Community Service Council
918-859-9072   |

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