Education Initiatives

Supporting Healthy Child Development and Youth Success

Education Division Leads: Casey Moore and Erin Velez

The following initiatives promote and support child and youth success, beginning with the healthy development of infants and children ages birth through eight, followed by the success of children, youth and young adults in school and in life. We take a Birth through Age Eight Developmental Approach across our early childhood initiatives, and a Whole Child Approach across all our education initiatives. We want to see children start school early and end it well, ready for the world. Our initiatives focus on uplifting schools as hubs for linking families and communities to the school to give children and teens the support they need to be successful. 

Through developing quality early learning and support systems, reducing early adverse experiences, and engaging, educating and empowering families, our education programs and initiatives help ensure children are off to the best start toward a healthy and productive life. 

These initiatives align with CSC’s strategic plan and vision. Learn how >

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