Day of Play 2020

DAY OF PLAY is a free community event for young children and their families offering developmentally appropriate materials and activities for ages birth to 12 years of age. Coordinated by the Community Service Council’s Child Care Resource Center, we are offering this special event to the community to help create an awareness of the importance of play for young children and how it impacts their development.

Interactive play zones are positioned throughout the event space so that children and parents have the opportunity to come and play with one another in a setting similar to the child care the child may attend, staffed by a child development expert who will interact with the parents and children to increase understanding of how play is so vital to children’s growth. 

Resources for families from community agencies and programs will also be available at the event.

Child Care Resource Center Day of Play
Saturday, May 16, 2020 | 1 – 4 pm
Community Service Council
1604 S. Baltimore Avenue, Tulsa, 74119

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Each play zone offers hands-on activities for children of all ages – including infants and toddlers!


When children are engaged in physical play they are being creative and physical, enhancing their language and literacy, and using cognitive skills, math and social skills.


When children are engaged in make believe play they are learning empathy, social emotional skills, math and language skills, and enhancing literacy and empathy. For this area of play there will be dolls, bottles, play phones and housekeeping items as well as dress up clothes for all children to engage in their own pretend play.


When children engage in music play they are learning creativity, language, math skills, social skills, enhancing listening skills and cognitive skills, and using their fine and gross motor skills when dancing and engaging in finger plays. Children will have the opportunity to dance and engage in finger plays exercising both large and small muscles. Songs will be sung to practice language and enhance vocabulary. Rhythm, rhymes, and patterns, and counting lay the foundation for early algebra. Socially, children will learn about themselves and others by playing music together and by listening to each other. Listening and singing to music is a wonderful way for children to appropriately learn to express their feelings.


When children engage in story time they are learning language, social skills, literacy, expanding cognitive development, and learning relaxation. This area will focus on demonstrating to parents the importance of reading to their children. When toddlers are read to, the foundation is set for later independent reading. We will have a story area inside and outside of the building. The focus will again be on demonstrating how to enjoy books with their children. We will have large blankets for the families to sit on, books with various sizes and textures, and bean bag chairs or rocking chairs for the parents to sit on and read to their children.


When children engage in creative play they are learning eye-hand coordination, social skills, language, creativity, and expanding their cognitive development. This area will focus on various art activities that will appeal to all ages. Young children benefit from discovering art by doing and exploring an array of art materials. We will have available safe, non-toxic art materials so that toddlers can get messy with using their hands to feel and apply paint, scribble with markers and crayons, paint with sponges, brushes, and other age appropriate tools. They will have access to materials to help them create whatever they choose to do. This play zone will require consumable materials that will be a shared cost between the Child Care Resource Center and the child care hosting this zone.


Children will learn to build and assemble, using math and science to create structures. This area will focus on demonstrating to parents the creative imagination that comes with the opportunity to use everyday items to enhance play. A cardboard box can be a rocket ship, a cradle or a city bus. An empty paper towel roll can be a telescope, a microphone or a tunnel. In this area cardboard boxes are supplied along with tape, etc. to assist parents in helping their child in creating whatever they wish to create.


This area will use the concepts of science and math, including science experiments, to create and understand concepts. This area will focus on S.T.E.M. concepts for these young ones – science, math/number, nature and discovery. We will have sand and water play, giving opportunities to dip and pour, fill and dump. Other hands-on materials will encourage stacking, nesting, counting, and comparing, and learning shapes. We will also incorporate a sensory area that will include a variety of materials to investigate ad explore.


When children are engaged in fine motor play, they are learning creativity, eye-hand coordination, and enhancing their cognitive and social skills.


The mission of Day of Play is to educate parents on the importance of play and give opportunities for families to engage in play together. Sponsorships of any amount are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support! You may purchase your sponsorship in the donation form below. 

For more information on sponsorships, please contact Stephanie Daniels at 918-935-6196 or

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