Community Data

Data to Better Understand our Community’s Needs

The Community Service Council is committed to providing information about key social and demographic conditions and trends as a tool for identifying, addressing and responding to community needs. This is widely viewed as one of our most important roles: Oklahoma’s trusted source of data for transformative community planning and action.

The following initiatives provide community information and access to services in an effort to respond to Oklahomans in need. Through our 211 Eastern Oklahoma helpline, we connect thousands of people to critical resources and services. Through our Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma, we provide access to Census Bureau and related data to underserved populations to help communities achieve their goals. Through our new Equality Indicators initiative in partnership with the City of Tulsa, we will develop a comprehensive tool to help understand and measure equality in Tulsa. And through our Tulsa Human Response Coalition and Tulsa Weather Coalition, we help coordinate community emergency preparation and response to protect Tulsa’s most vulnerable residents. 

It is through this use of data that we support vulnerable Oklahomans seeking help, and support those seeking to increase their knowledge and understanding of our community in order to make positive, lasting changes. 

Our 211 Eastern Oklahoma helpline served 186,707 Oklahomans in 2018, providing accurate and prompt referrals to community services for those in need and don’t know where to turn.

In 2018, CSC’s Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma disseminated hundreds of reports about demographic and socioeconomic characteristics to more than 1,000 community members.

In 2018, CSC and the City of Tulsa released the first Tulsa Equality Indicators report to identify disparities and the populations experiencing them in Tulsa. The full report is published at TULSAEI.ORG.

CSC is partnering with the City of Tulsa to lead the 2020 Census Tulsa Regional Complete Count Committee work to ensure a complete census count for the Tulsa Region in 2020.

Pop Profile – Coming Spring 2020!
A look at population trends and community well-being through data

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action