CSC Public Policy Committee

Commitment, Leadership & Resources for Policy Change

Community Service Council’s Public Policy Committee coordinates the public policy activities of CSC, recommends public policy positions and actions to the CSC Board of Directors, and provides leadership, as appropriate, to implement these policy positions. The Public Policy Committee was established in the early 1990’s based on the following parameters for engagement in lobbying:

  • Issues must be addressed on a state-wide basis
  • Public policy efforts need a long term commitment and adequate resources to be successful
  • CSC needed a presence at the state capitol, support of the media, and cooperation with other groups across the state

Policy Criteria

Policy positions that are recommended by the Public Policy Committee must be:

  • Consistent with the intentions and directions of the CSC Strategic Plan
  • Focused on a few key areas in which improvement would have the most significant preventive impact in the long run on several major negative outcomes (e.g., child abuse, school failure, births to unwed mothers, chronic unemployment, homelessness)
  • Guided by research findings which indicate the largest savings in dollars and human potential
  • Emphasizing both economic and social benefits

Policy Partners

CSC’s public policy activities are often conducted in cooperation with policy groups for which CSC provides staff support. Examples include:

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Heather Hope-Hernandez
CSC Chief of External Affairs

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Committee Meetings

The CSC Public Policy Committee meets at noon on the fourth Friday of each month at the Community Service Council.

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