CRASHs Court

Courts Raising Awareness of Students in High School

The Community Service Council’s Courts Raising Awareness of Students in High School (CRASHs) Court program began in 1998 designed to educate and confront young future drivers about the consequences and dangers of underage drinking and driving. The program strives to reduce alcohol-related crashes, fatalities, and injuries among Oklahoma’s youngest drivers, and increase awareness of the dangers of alcohol poisoning related deaths. It seeks to influence students’ choices about underage drinking and driving, riding with impaired drivers, and underage alcohol use, as well as seat belt usage.

2019-2020 Calendar

Our Location  115 West 3rd, Suite 600, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Our Work

  • Real judges bring real cases into schools
  • High school students see DUI offenders sent to jail or prison
  • VIP speakers tell their real life stories – how they’ve been impacted by drunk drivers

Program Results

Since September 2018, CRASHs Court has been in nine schools, reaching more than 3,600 students.
Since 1998, CRASHs Court has reached more than 100,000 students from surrounding school systems in Tulsa County.

Current Priorities

 Reduce underage drinking
 Educate on the impact of a DUI
 Show the legal ramifications of drinking and driving
 Show the life shattering effects of a DUI wreck

For More Information

Candy Horn
YDD/CRASHs Court Coordinator

This initiative aligns with CSC’s overall strategic plan.  Learn More

Our Partners

  • Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Tulsa County area school districts
  • Area victim impact speakers

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