County Health Improvement Organization

Ensuring continuous quality improvement for primary care settings

County Health Improvement Organizations are non-profit organizations that bring together multiple community partners to improve the health and primary health care in their counties. The goal is to strengthen local efforts to improve health and health care in Oklahoma by encouraging eligible coalitions to implement structures and processes that will make them more effective, more visible to organizations with resources, and more attractive to a wider variety of funders.

In close partnership with Public Health Institute of Oklahoma and many other local organizations (listed below), this county-wide collaborative has been committed since its inception and certification in 2014 to continuous quality improvement in Oklahoma’s primary care settings and the advancement of clinical quality improvement initiatives.


Certified CHIOs are eligible for incentive funding for participation in the Healthy Hearts for Oklahoma project. CHIOs are eligible to receive up to $1,000 for each eligible primary care practice participating in the cardiovascular health project.

CHIO Certification: The Public Health Institute of Oklahoma (PHIO) promotes dialogue among health care providers, the private sector, community colleges, universities, health and human service associations, and state and local government. Its mission is to bridge government, academia, and communities in order to facilitate health improvement. PHIO is an affiliate member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes and a member of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. CHIOs are “certified” by PHIO, which serves as the state hub for the extension system. For more information, contact PHIO

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Our Work

The Healthcare Transformation team has worked to develop a community wide infrastructure around healthcare improvement through the development of a County Health Improvement Organization (CHIO). Bringing together 24 health and community focused executives, the CHIO will focus on continuous quality improvement within the primary care setting by partnering community based efforts with clinical quality improvement initiatives. The Tulsa CHIO received its certification as a CHIO from the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma in October 2014.

Our Partners

Public Health Institute of Oklahoma
Turning Point Partnership
Pathways to Health
Tulsa Health Department
Counseling & Recovery Services-Oklahoma
Faith Health Partners
University of Tulsa
Tulsa Community College
University of Oklahoma
Saint Francis Health System
Utica Park Clinics
Oklahoma State University
University of Oklahoma
Morton Comprehensive Health Services
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
Community Care of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Center for Healthcare Improvement
OU-School of Community Medicine

Current Priorities

Cardiovascular risk reduction

Community capacity building

Medical neighborhood community development

Recent Results

22 CHIOs serving 26 Oklahoma Counties
72 individuals attended the first CHIO Annual Meeting in September 2015
62 individuals attended the NE Oklahoma CHIO Learning Session in October 2015
Incentive funding awarded to the Tulsa CHIO in support cardiovascular health risk reduction in Tulsa County

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action