Mobilizing the community around Latino youth success

Connect to Success! Conexiones is a community mobilization initiative focused on advancing the success of Latino youth in the Tulsa area, with special focus on education. Our emphasis is on improving family engagement and support, enhancing school readiness and early reading, and building the capacity of institutions to best serve Latino children. Conexiones works closely with Tulsa area public schools supporting efforts to engage Latino families.

News & Highlights

213 public school educators and 117 mental health and service providers attended training facilitated by Conexiones staff in an effort to increase the capacity of local educators and mental health providers to better understand best practices in serving Hispanic students and their families. 

We partnered with Tulsa Public Schools to ensure Hispanic families were able to participate in providing feedback for TPS’s five year strategic plan. Conexiones provided assistance in planning, publicizing and facilitating of community forum, where over 80 Hispanic parents and family members attended – the highest attendance for any community forum for TPS Strategic plan. Hispanic families were able to share their needs, hopes and ways to partner with TPS for their children’s educational success.

We served 1,245 Hispanic families in events including health and education fairs, as well as legal clinics through partnerships with local community-based organizations to provide comprehensive services at educational events – including health, financial literacy, legal services along with educational resources and information within faith-based institutions with large numbers of Hispanic families.

Partnered with four TPS schools and two Union schools to increase their capacity to engage with Hispanic families and improve academic outcomes. Conexiones has recruited 16 Spanish speaking interpreters that volunteered over 145 hours of interpreting for school events, including parent teacher conferences. Conexiones has facilitated family engagement programming, including college and career and scholarship information events as well as literacy events.

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The goal of Conexiones is to increase the number of Latino students who successfully graduate from high school, enter and graduate from college, and become productive members of the workforce. Focus is on:

Addressing the comprehensive needs of students
Connecting families to resources and removing barriers
Building a support structure to ensure the successful transition of Latino students into each stage of their life

Our Work

Facilitating family engagement programs that empower Latino families with tools and resources they can use to support their child’s academic success

Connecting community schools to Latino-serving community-based organizations and services, especially through school based programs

Providing technical assistance through Spanish bilingual cultural responsiveness trainings for community school staff to increase their capacity to effectively engage their Latino students and families

Current Priorities

Provide leadership for the Power of Families Project in using a promotora model to provide intensive family education and support to over 130 households with preschool-aged children in targeted neighborhoods and community schools in Tulsa

Increase Latino family engagement

Increase access to college and career resources for Latino students

Increase cultural responsiveness to better serve Latino students and their families

Our Partners

OSU Center for Family Resilience

Tulsa Area County Library Hispanic Resource Center

Coalition of Hispanic Organizations

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“Conexiones addressed the needs of our Hispanic scholars. It provided the needed tool to allow for productive family communication to occur.” – Tulsa Teacher

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