Oklahoma Community Indicator Data

Community indicators measure the overall health of a community to track its growth, progress and sustainability, and to identify areas in the community where supports are needed.

At CSC, our vision is a community empowered to ignite opportunities and eliminate disparities for all people across the lifespan. Ever striving toward this vision, we study Oklahoma’s community indicators and highlight our findings in the following three data series and within our seven focus areas, measuring the level of opportunity across our state while keeping a watchful eye on the disparities that threaten many Oklahomans’ quality of life. We aim to use and share the knowledge gained from these reports to help shape a new era ahead focused on investing in people across the lifespan, enabling more Oklahomans to care for themselves and their families, and to contribute to a positive civic health.

Latest Data Reports

Tulsa Community Profile 2018 Tulsa Area United Way Service Area Profile 2019

Of Eastern Oklahoma

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