Community Agencies

Supporting our Partners as a Hub for Community Action

We serve community agencies by forging and managing trusted relationships within and among multiple constituency groups. These relationships found a strong culture for working together, confront some of our community’s most difficult and important challenges.

As a backbone organization, we bring people together for collective impact to advance individual and community improvement. As a Tulsa Area United Way Partner Agency, we collaborate with many of Oklahoma’s agencies seeking improvement for Oklahomans.

We support community agencies through these functions:

Gather and analyze data on key trends and concerns
Study issues and identify needs and steps for improvement
Convene groups to plan and mobilize coordinated action
Develop initiatives and programs to achieve long-term solutions
Build and provide infrastructure for sustaining desired solutions 
Promote informed decisions on legislation, policies and funding
Provide early, easy access to help via phone, internet, publications and education events

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Aligned with our partner agencies, we strive to create a community culture focused on investing in all people across the lifespan.

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action