Community Service Council’s Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) employs degreed Child Care Consultants to provide resources, professional development, and technical assistance to child care providers in Creek, Rogers, Tulsa, and Wagoner counties.

Technical Assistance (TA) is the provision of targeted and customized supports by a professional(s) with subject matter and adult learning knowledge and skills to develop or strengthen processes, knowledge application, or implementation of services by recipients. CCRC Technical Assistance services help providers improve or enhance the quality of child care so that families have access to quality child care for their children. As a result, providers will be able to implement knowledge about quality in their individual care giving situations.

Two methods of technical assistance are utilized by CCRC staff: consulting and coaching.

Consultation is a collaborative, problem-solving process between an external consultant with specific expertise and adult learning knowledge and skills and an individual or group from one program or organization. Consultation facilitates the assessment and resolution of an issue-specific concern—a program-/organizational-, staff-, or child-/family-related issue—or addresses a specific topic.

Coaching is a relationship-based process led by an expert with specialized and adult learning knowledge and skills, who often serves in a different professional role than the recipient(s). Coaching is designed to build capacity for specific professional dispositions, skills, and behaviors and is focused on goal-setting and achievement for an individual or group.

CCRC offers the following types of technical assistance:

  • Consulting – Resolution of a specific concern or set of concerns with a capacity-building approach to facilitate the recipient’s continued use of the process employed during or as a result of the consultation.
  • Stars Advancement Consulting – Assist programs to advance levels in the Reaching for the Stars Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). 
  • Pyramid Model Coaching – Supports the development of specific skills and practices from the Pyramid Model. It is focused on a performance-based outcome(s).

All technical assistance services provided by CCRC are free of charge. Programs will not be required to purchase any memberships, additional materials or supplies to receive services.

For assistance, please contact one of our consultants below directly, or fill out this FORM.

Jessica Smith

Child Care Coach
918-935-6933 (call/text)

Jessica has a BA in Child Development from California State University Chico. She has worked in child care in three different states over the past 18 years. During those years she has been a teacher, a Resource & Referral Specialist, and now, a Child Care Coach. She enjoys working with child care teachers and directors to provide a happy and healthy learning environment for all children 0-12 years in child care programs. While working with Jessica, child care programs enhance their knowledge about child development, social-emotional growth, health and safety, and hands-on curriculum topics.

Kristine Abbott

Child Care Coach
918-210-1992 (call/text)

Kristine has been working in the child care industry for over eight years. She has held many positions in child care centers, and the past three years she has been a Resource & Referral Specialist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human and Family Services from Northeastern State University, and is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership. She is the youngest of five siblings as well as aunt and great aunt to many nieces and nephews. Rain and Ella are her adorable cat children. She is a Union alumnus and has lived in Tulsa over 20 years. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, and playing card games with family.

LaTia Washington

Infant/Toddler Specialist
918-935-6487 (call/text)

LaTia has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship. She has held the Infant Toddler CDA credential and is working towards a Masters in Early Childhood Education. Her experience includes working as a teacher for all ages, Assistant Director and Education Director. Even though she has worked with all ages, infants and toddlers are her passion. Her favorite quote is “Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. It is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace that is right for each individual child.” ~Magda Gerber