AWH4T: Solicitation for new “At-Large” members

We are Tulsa’s Continuum of Care (or “CoC”)  and we are seeking new advisory members.  You may also know us as “A Way Home for Tulsa” aka “AWH4T”. Ours is a group of like-minded volunteers that have joined together to plan and implement strategies that support a system of outreach, engagement, assessment, prevention and evaluation for those experiencing homelessness, or those persons at risk of homelessness, within the Tulsa County metropolitan area. AWH4T utilizes the Continuum of Care model mandated by the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009 (“HEARTH Act”) amendment to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.  We utilize grants and donations to develop and operate programs that shelter, feed and house these individuals and families; we create programs to address their needs and work to support their attempts at housing stability. AWH4T’s primary emphasis is on providing emergency shelter, rapid re-housing, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing under the Housing First concept. The group’s work includes gathering and analyzing information in order to determine the local needs of people experiencing homelessness, implementing strategic responses and measuring results. AWH4T also manages the local process for applying, reviewing and prioritizing project applications for funding each year in HUD’s Homeless Assistance Grants competition.

Our current membership is broad, with representation from all sectors of the community including but not limited to: nonprofit and for-profit homeless service providers including health and mental health and substance abuse assistance providers, representatives from governmental entities, corporations, philanthropic individuals and organizations and concerned individuals and families. AWH4T maintains an open membership policy and supports diversification of its membership.

In 2015, our Governance Council created a membership designation known as “at-large”. These at-large members serve in an advisory capacity to offer ideas and feedback to the Governance Council and bring their energy to our efforts in the CoC. At-large members meet twice a year in joint sessions with the members of the CoC’s Governance Council but our monthly meetings are always open, too. If you would like to join our CoC in the effort to prevent and end homelessness, we would welcome your involvement as an at-large member.

Please contact our CoC Coordinator at Community Service Council, Rhene Ritter, at 918-699-4230 or for more information.