There are still millions of dollars of emergency rental assistance available to Tulsa County residents who need help paying their rent because of job loss or income reduction due to COVID-19. Any household in Tulsa County behind on rent or facing eviction because of the pandemic may be eligible for this rental assistance: APPLY HERE

Free and confidential link to help and hope for those in need – whatever the need – 24/7. Get connected to the right community services near you, including crisis support. Reach us in four ways: CALL, LIVE CHAT, TEXT OR SEARCH ONLINE.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, and do not have a health care provider or insurance – please dial 2-1-1. 

Ever wonder why people call 211? 

In 2019, around 170,000 people reached out to 211 Eastern Oklahoma.
We produced this video in July 2020 to answer the question: why do Oklahomans need 211? 

We serve these 37 counties in Eastern Oklahoma. 

Please click on the map to enlarge it. If you live in a county not highlighted above, visit 211 Heartline, our partner serving Western Oklahoma.

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What We Do

211 Eastern Oklahoma is a 24/7 free service that is available to Eastern Oklahomas through a direct phone call, live chat or online search. We maintain a comprehensive database of 1,141 provider agencies representing 9,864 vetted services across the 37 counties we serve that is updated regularly. Our team of resource specialists deliver quick, accurate results for those who need help in a professional and caring manner. Additionally, 211 Eastern Oklahoma serves as a clearinghouse for disaster resources in the event of a community emergency, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic and during the Tulsa area’s historic flooding of 2019. For our community partners, we offer specialized triage and screening services, and an online Community Needs Dashboard that serves as a tool for provider agencies and community leaders to identify trends, needs and gaps in services.

211 is very essential and important to call when you really do need help. A lot of people in the world don’t know that 211 can help them but 211 has helped me tremendously. When there is no other help around me, I call 211. – Actual caller, December 2019

Partnering with Providers to Enhance Service Delivery

Whether it is the person needing help or the person providing the help, 211 Eastern Oklahoma creates a direct path to help, making it easier to find and connect with needed assistance. Easy access to trained service specialists supported by sophisticated database tools makes us a natural partner for initiatives serving those in need.

Contact us to learn more: Ashlie Casey, Program Director, 211 Eastern Oklahoma


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