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To provide community information and access to services through assessment of needs and connection to resources.

One Number Equals Many Connections. The  211 Eastern Oklahoma program strives to make the most of this easily remembered number. 211 Eastern Oklahoma primarily serves two groups, those who need help and those providing the help. When a caller is connected to 211, there is much more than a simple exchange of information that takes place. Highly-trained service specialists help callers navigate the social service network and match them with the best and closest resources in their community. Callers are screened for needs beyond their specific requests and may be offered connections to services targeted for special populations such as Veteran services or the Healthcare Marketplace. For those experiencing a crisis, an immediate link to emergency response services is made.

In addition to assisting callers, 211 provides valuable services to community organizations in the form of reliable, concise information about health and human services in our community. By dialing 211, logging on to the 211 online database, or subscribing to receive our basic needs and specialized resource guides, helping professionals such as case managers, school counselors, social workers, clergy members and others are better equipped to serve their clients and communities.

211’s Role in a Disaster. In times of disaster, all of us, the general public, become 211’s customer. 211’s disaster response role as a trusted source of public information during and after an event is a community benefit of this easily remembered number’s role in a disaster. 211 has the technology and 24/7 capacity to serve as a clearinghouse for rapidly changing information during an event. 211 has played key roles in the ice storm of 2007, blizzard of 2011, multiple tornado disaster recovery events and more recently connecting 2015 flood victims to debris clean up wait list.

ACA Marketplace Assistance. Since 2014, 211 has partnered with the Oklahoma Primary Care Association Navigator to promote access to the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace. All 211 Specialists have received training to become certified Navigators. 211’s Resource staff created a clearinghouse of over 100 Navigator person-to-person assistance sites in Oklahoma. All callers are surveyed for insurance status and offered information about the Affordable Care Act Insurance options and referrals to person-to-person assistance if needed. Texting OKACA to 898-211 will enroll inquirers in 211 Oklahoma’s service to receive notices about the Affordable Care Act Marketplace and information on enrollment events.

Screening Calls for Households with Veterans. 211 identifies households with Veterans and connects them to assistance for Veterans. For homeless Veterans and households at-high risk of becoming homeless, 211 conducts an initial assessments for a VA funded Supportive Services for Veteran Families and schedules a follow up call with a Housing Navigator for callers who may eligible to receive assistance through the program.

Smoke Free Homes. 211 Eastern Okahoma is one of five 211 programs in the nation participating in the Smoke Free Homes research study. Smoke Free Homes is a project of Emory University Prevention Research Center. 211 Eastern Okahoma screens inquirers for interest in establishing smoke free rules in their home. 211 provides participants educational materials and tips and coaching assistance to promote the adoption of smoking bans. 211 has previously participated in a smoking cessation study through the University of California at San Diego.