Warrior Partnerships of Eastern OK

A Community Collaboration Responding to the Silent Wounds of Returning Veterans

About WPEO

The goal of this CSC initiative for veterans is to mobilize a community effort to enhance Eastern Oklahoma as a “veteran ready region” and create a plan for the Tulsa area to best address the priority needs of returning veterans and their families or caregivers. Led by a WPEO Advisory Board, our main focus areas are:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Housing
  • Basic Needs and Outreach
  • Social Opportunities for Reintegration

This project works closely with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), mental health and other service providers, local and state agencies, government officials, university representatives, private sector organizations, veterans and family members of veterans to concentrate on how to address the needs of the returning veterans without taking away from an already strained health and mental health system. By collaborating with over 70 different organizations, we work together on areas that we determine need a better approach, we develop solutions, we implement change, and we listen to our veterans and their families – as we move forward.

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Upcoming Events for Service Members
2017 VA Mental Health Summit! Limited Seating Available! Details >


July 2017: On July 11, CSC kicked off the first public strategy session in preparation for the installment of Oklahoma’s first coordinated referral network focused on veterans, called Oklahoma Veteran Connections. More than 70 partners and service providers attended the strategy session held at the Tulsa Area United Way to learn more about implementing this 360-degree referral process to improve delivery of services to veterans and their families. A representative from Unite Us, New York-based technology firm providing the cutting-edge infrastructure behind Oklahoma Veteran Connections, provided in-depth training on network logistics and implementation steps. Unite Us has implemented similar coordinated referral networks in 14 other communities across the country. Email Pete to learn more.

June 2017: Warrior Partnerships is partnering with Tulsa Habitat for Humanity for a 2017 Warrior Partnerships of Eastern Oklahoma Build Day and is looking for volunteers to help build. To register, go to www.thfh.volunteerhub.com. Click “Register” to sign up for a free account, create a username and password. Click next and enter Join Code “WP2017. Click next and enter in all of your information. Click next and confirm your information. Click next and view and sign up for Warrior Partnerships of Eastern Oklahoma Build Day listed under “Construction or Upcoming Events.”

Our Work

  • Hosting monthly forums for veterans, families and service providers to collaborate
  • Creating services and training programs to address needs and gaps
  • Advancing working relationships at local, state & national levels
  • Establish topical community work groups to assess services to veterans
  • Set priorities for improved care services

Recent Results

  • Providing monthly newsletter and bimonthly events calendar for service members
  • Providing Military Culture Training for community based behavioral health professionals
  • Working with educational institutions to enhance success of veteran students

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Current Priorities

  • Enhance community collaboration
  • Workforce development
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Community needs assessment and analysis
  • Curriculum planning and training
  • Stand Down for the Homeless

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