Tulsa Alternative Courts

Court-supervised treatment as an alternative to incarceration

Community Service Council operates the largest alternative courts program in Oklahoma. As an alternative to incarceration for offenders in the criminal justice system in need of treatment, our programs are a minimum of 18 months, requiring participants to attend regular court appearances, treatment appointments, supervision visits and random drug testing. Graduates also have opportunities to further their education, return to the workforce, or advance their career during their time in our program.

Tulsa has the largest Specialty Court Program in the state by more than double. The next largest program, Oklahoma County, has approximately half the number of participants. So far, 1,292offenders have successfully graduated from our program.

Tulsa Alternative Courts consists of:

 Drug Court
 DUI Court
Mental Health Court
Veterans Treatment Court

For more information:

Tammy Westcott, Community Service Council Incarceration Reduction Division Director
115 W. 3rd Street, Suite 600 | Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74103 | 918-588-8401 | info@tulsadrugcourt.com

What We Do

Serve 1,292+ offenders in the criminal justice system in need of treatment  |  Save $19,000+ per year per offender   |  Reunite children with their parents

Our mission is to create hope for those involved in the criminal justice system suffering from addiction and mental illness in innovative, therapeutic court settings. Through compassion, inclusion and empowerment, we work collaboratively with community partners to guide participants on the path of transformation leading to sobriety and productive citizenship in the community, with a final result of reduced recidivism and reduced costs to the taxpayer.

What Participants Have to Say about the Program

I’ve been under the influence almost every day since I was 6 years old and now I have 5 months clean and sober and I’ve got the best job in my life.

Drug Court saved and changed my life…the people that run this program are truly committed and honestly care about the participants.

It has completely turned my life around. I actually have a positive outlook on the future.

More than 1,200 people have graduated from Tulsa County COURTS Program

“I’m proud to announce that my past no longer defines me; or determines my future. At one time in my life I drank alcohol. Today I don’t. NO other program has provided the experience and support of recovery that I have enjoyed here in Mental Health Court.”

Is it hard? Heck yes. But it is by far the most worthwhile thing I have ever accomplished. I am now a productive member of society, pay taxes, have my family back and I’m able to share my story to help inspire others. I will for ever be grateful to people like my coordinator and therapist and the rest of the Tulsa County Drug Court team for giving me my life back!