Housing & Homelessness

Ensuring Safe and Stable Housing for Oklahomans

The following initiatives assist homeless persons through a systematic local strategy. CSC’s homeless initiatives provide the forum in which service providers, consumers, public officials, and citizens can work together to achieve common goals that facilitate the prevention of and recovery from homelessness. These community improvement efforts align with CSC’s overall stratetgic plan. 

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These initiatives align
with CSC’s strategic
plan and vision.

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A Way Home For Tulsa

U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban
Development Continuum of Care Homeless Program


Providing Support
and Stable Housing
for Veterans

Homeless Management Information System

Data Management Software for Homeless Prevention Services Providers

Pathways Case Management

Coordinated Support for Tulsans Experiencing Long-Term Homelessness

Built for Zero

Campaign to End Veteran
and Chronic Homelessness

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action