Perfect Storm Series

CSC analyzes many global, national and local developments, their interactions with each other, and their possible impact on the future to guide our strategic thinking for both CSC and the broader community. Recently, this analysis revealed that the developments and forces in play are so powerful and numerous, that it is likely a “perfect storm” effect, one that is imminent and possibly already upon us.

CSC researchers focused on individual critical issues (e.g., education, labor force, aging, immigration, food and water supplies) that commonly predict some version of a “perfect storm” of unprecedented challenges affecting communities. Based on these predictions, our researchers then took a closer look at this storm effect and the potential for the converging of several individual perfect storms, and concluded we may be in for a “super” perfect storm. 

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Full Perfect Storm Report 2008

Perfect Storm Summary

Labor Force

Population Growth

Global Demographics


U.S. Pop. & Labor Force Trends

Health Insecurities

Oklahoma's Population


Water & Food Insecurities





Health of the Nation


Global changes such as growing immigration, questions about energy supply and an aging population are creating a perfect storm. 


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