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“CSC showed me the interconnectedness of social services and human response.” – CSC Intern

Beginning in August 2014, the Community Service Council Internship Program launched a student driven expansion project targeted at matching rising health and human service university students with seasoned CSC leadership. Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year, 24 students were hosted throughout various programs at CSC, for a combined total of 6,942 logged hours. For the Fall 2015-Spring 2016 academic year, CSC will host over 35 students from six academic institutions, which an estimated contribution of over 6,000+ hours of service being provided by students.

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News & Highlights

  • CSC welcomed 18 interns this Fall 2016! In November, CSC interns had the opportunity to present their work and ideas to CSC Leadership and Board Members at the 2nd Annual CSC Internship Showcase.
  • As of November 2015, six graduating students have been hired by CSC. The innovative use of students within several CSC departments has resulted in the integration of CSC efforts into academic curriculums at The University of Oklahoma, most specifically the Child Welfare Unit for the OU-School of Social Work.
  • CSC hosted 3 University of Oklahoma-School of Community Medicine, students for a 6 week internship rotation focused on community impact. Students will implement a community impact project on behalf of CSC through the 2015-2016 school year. CSC was one of 6 local non-profit organizations chosen for the Community Impact Project
  • CSC was able to offer its first stipend internship positions with the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program to 2 prior service Veterans returning to Higher Education
  • In Spring 2015, students were asked to complete an evaluation of their overall internship experience with CSC at the conclusion of their placement. Survey analysis revealed:

    • 100% of students would highly recommend CSC as an internship placement for students
    • 100% of students believe their CSC internship better prepared them to enter the workforce
    • 100% of students indicated CSC offered excellent learning experiences
    • 100% of students reported having excellent working relationship with CSC staff members

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Our Fall 2016 Internship Showcase featured seven interns’ work across multiple CSC initiatives. 

About the Program

Supporting the workforce development for health and human service students, the Community Service Council hosts 25-30 students annually from academic institutions and the United States State Department. Through standardized placement procedures students are oriented to CSC through engagement with multiple programs, expert leaders, and off-site professional development opportunities. Many students are choosing to complete both Bachelors and Masters level internships with CSC, in their chosen fields of study. Even more are seeking employment within the organization after graduation.


Program Partners

University of Oklahoma: School of Social Work; School of Public Health; School of Community Medicine; and College of Arts and Sciences: Human Resources
Northeastern State University: Department of Social Work; Department of Psychology
University of Tulsa: School of Law
Tulsa Community College: Human Services; Early Childhood Education; Digital Media Design; Sociology
Oral Roberts University: Social Work
Stanford University: Biocomputation
Tulsa Global Alliance


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