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CSC produces data reports as part of our overall strategy to convene the community around key trends and issues affecting Oklahomans, and to promote data-informed decisions to effectively invest in the health, success and well-being of all individuals across the lifespan. Please email Melanie with questions or requests for specific data.

Tulsa Point In Time Homelessness Report, 2015 (conducted by CSC’s A Way Home for Tulsa initiative)

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  • Tulsa’s veteran homeless population decreased by more than 13% compared to last year
  • Tulsa’s homelessness overall increased by almost 13% compared to last year despite housing efficiencies and improvements

Partner Reports >

Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing 2016 Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Housing Needs Assessment Study

What to know >

  • Approximately 42.74% of renters and 20.77% of owners are housing cost overburdened.
  • The population of Tulsa County is projected to grow by 0.98% per year over the next five years, outperforming the State of Oklahoma.
  • Tulsa County is projected to need a total of 7,642 housing units for ownership and 4,898 housing units for rent over the next five years.
  • Median Household Income in Tulsa County is estimated to be $48,553 in 2015, compared with $47,049 estimated for the State of Oklahoma. The poverty rate in Tulsa County is estimated to be 15.90%, compared with 16.85% for Oklahoma.
  • Homeowner and rental vacancy rates in Tulsa County are slightly higher than the state averages.
  • Home values and rental rates in Tulsa County are higher than the state averages.

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