Good Health & Accessible Health Care

Improving Health Outcomes with a Focus on Prevention

The following CSC initiatives under the umbrella of the Healthcare Transformation Initiative promote good physical and mental health supported by responsible health decisions – a primary goal for CSC toward community improvement. Through excellence in teaching, research, creative activity and service to Oklahoma, we have established widespread community support allowing for community-specific interventions and strategies to emerge. These initiatives align with CSC’s overall strategy: focusing on prevention while investing in people across the lifespan so they can better care for themselves, their families, and our community.

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These initiatives align
with CSC’s strategic
plan and vision.

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Healthcare Transformation Initiative

Providing Infrastructure for Impact, Awareness and Change

Recognizing the barriers which exist between individuals, their communities, and health care,
we focus on educating all members of the medical neighborhood through these initiatives >

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One-on-One Assistance
for Healthcare Enrollment

County Health Improvement Organizations

Continuous Quality Improvement for Primary Care Settings

Family Health Coalition

Health Education, Support & Services to Families with Infants

Healthy Hearts Oklahoma

Helping primary care practices improve cardiovascular disease management

Tulsa Healthy Start

Strategies to Improve Maternity Care Quality focused on patient safety and evidence-based practice 

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action