Early Childhood Development

Supporting Healthy Development in Children from Birth through Age 8

The following initiatives promote and support the healthy development of infants and children ages birth through eight, and align with the Community Service Council’s strategic plan and vision. We take a Birth through Age Eight Developmental Approach across all of our early childhood initiatives.

Through developing quality early learning and support systems, reducing early adverse experiences, and engaging, educating and empowering families, our early childhood initiatives help ensure children are off to the best start. 

This November, CSC will co-sponsor the 10th Annual Early Childhood Leadership Institute entitled The Building Blocks of Resililence in a Trauma-Filled World. Register or learn more here >

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These initiatives align
with CSC’s
 strategic plan
and vision.

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Child Care
Resource Center

Quality Care For Every Child

Family Health Coalition

Health Education, Support & Services to Families with Infants

JumpStart Tulsa

Partnerships, Education and Awareness for Early Childhood Success

Power of Families Project

Equitable Opportunities for the Successful Development of Children

Sprouts Child
Development Initiative

Developmental Resources & Screenings

Tulsa Healthy Start

Partnerships with Medical Centers
and Families to Reduce Infant Mortality

Improving Oklahomans’ Lives Through Research, Planning and Action