CSC Leadership Directory

The Community Service Council is comprised of a strong executive leadership team, 120 employees, more than 30 community-based initiatives, and is governed by a Board of Directors composed of community leaders from all sectors. Through this support and infrastructure, CSC remains a cutting edge organization focused on identifying community challenges, researching and pursuing new initiatives, and marshaling resources toward workable solutions while continuing to serve the community.

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 Alice Blue  Carrera Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Kevin Burr  CSC Chief Executive Officer
Phil Dessauer  Former CSC Executive Director
Jan Figart  CSC Associate Director, CSC Public Policy CommitteeMetropolitan Human Services Commission
Robin Hicks  Children’s Behavioral Health
 Candy Horn  CRASHs CourtYouthful Drunk Driving Program
 Donnie House  2-1-1 Helpline
John Gonsalves  CSC Finance Director
 Lesley Gudgel  Sprouts Child Development Initiative
Heather Hope-Hernandez  Chief Officer of External Affairs
 Corrina Jackson  Tulsa Healthy Start
 Wayne Kindrick  A Way Home For Tulsa, Homeless Management Information System
Pat Kroblin  CSC Events & Social Media
 Kelly Kruggel  CSC Website Communications
 Pete Luitwieler  Warrior Partnerships of Eastern Oklahoma  
 Jim Lyall  CSC Associate Director, Tulsa Human Response Coalition, Tulsa Weather Coalition
 Shauna Meador  JumpStart Tulsa
Casey Moore  Double Up Oklahoma  
Melanie Poulter  Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma, CSC Data Center
 Patrice Pratt  Pathways Case Management
Laura Ross-White  Family Health Coalition, Healthcare Transformation Initiative
Rachel Runfola  BRRX4VETS
Karen Smith  Child Care Resource Center
 Christina Starzl-Mendoza  Conexiones, Power of Families Project 
 Ginny Utter  CSC Director of Operations, Human Resources and Purchasing
Dolores Verbonitz  Tulsa Reentry One-Stop
 Tammy Westcott  Drug/DUI Court, Mental Health Court, Veterans Treatment Court
 Paige Whalen  Center for Community School Strategies

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