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Drug Court and DUI Court

Tulsa County continues to operate the largest Drug Court in the state. Following Tulsa’s example, Oklahoma County has now implemented a specialized DUI Court.

Offering court-supervised treatment as an alternative to incarceration in selected drug and DUI-related offenses can result in addressing addictions and improving lives, preventing repeat offenses, and saving public funds that would have gone to the prison system.

Drug Court had 400 active participants and DUI had nearly 150 at midyear 2009. During FY2009, Drug Court had 70 graduates and DUI court had 29. Together Drug & DUI Court averaged 747 participants during FY2009 with a monthly high of 825 in April 2009.

In August 2008, Drug/DUI Court added a Vocation/Educational Coordinator to assist participants with obtaining higher literacy levels, obtaining their GEDs, and pursuing higher educational goals of attending Tulsa Community College or other institutions of higher learning. The Vocational/Educational Coordinator also assists participants with obtaining employment, increasing their employability, and having better careers. In FY2009, 16 participants obtained their GED and 32 were enrolled in college or attending vocational training courses. Only one participant graduated during FY2009 without a GED. 67% of the participants are employed full-time. Between January-June 2009, the Vocational/Educational Coordinator had 1189 contacts with participants to assist them with their vocational and/or educational goals.

Training for treatment professionals and court partner agencies has been enhanced, with the goal of improving participant retention, treatment outcomes, and graduation rates.

The program's diversion of 747 defendants from the Oklahoma prison system is estimated to save over $13,446,000, using a $18,000 (medium security) per year incarceration cost model.

2015 Graduation Dates:
January 30
April 24
July 24
October 30

Drug/DUI/Vet Court Graduation - Friday, April 25 at 10:00 a.m. at OSU Tulsa Campus, 700 N. Greenwood Ave...congratulations to these graduates. (Read about the 2013 graduation here)

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In September, a United Way Day of Caring project brought volunteers from throughout Tulsa Community College to the TCC Northeast Campus to help COURTS participants work on their computer skills. 2014 is the fourth year TCC has partnered with COURTS for the Day of Caring.

Ericka Jeffords, Program Coordinator, Tulsa COURTS Programs

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