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Phil Dessauer

Executive Director

Phil Dessauer, M.A., has been the Executive Director of the Community Service Council since 1984, after serving as Planning Director since 1976. Through his many years of experience he has developed knowledge and expertise in several areas including school/community partnerships, maternal and child health, early care and learning, homelessness, mental health care, family support and preservation, child abuse prevention, long term care, developmental disabilities and others. His current special interests include population analysis and its importance to effective community planning, and organizing P-20 planning initiatives for improved education outcomes and overall personal well being.

Phil Dessauer has been a part of and/or led several state and local efforts addressing many human services, health, mental health, criminal justice, and other issues. In recent years he has focused on early childhood development and school readiness, serving as resource staff for the Governorís Task Force on Early Childhood Education, initiating JumpStart Tulsa, and supporting Smart Start Oklahoma. He has provided guidance to the Metropolitan Human Services Commission (MHSC), a partnership which has coordinated policy and resource planning among the major health and human services funders and decision makers in the Tulsa area since 1981. A key part of the broader Tulsa infrastructure, including the Council, the United Way, and several highly progressive service organizations, MHSC helps assure a proactive and effective capacity in addressing emerging needs. Phil is known for "The Perfect Storm" ebook analysis of eight major converging trends; this has shaped community planning in Oklahoma and nationally. He is a founding member and past President of the National Association of Planning Councils, and consults regionally and nationally on aspects of community planning addressing health, education, and human service concerns. Philís work has been honored by several local and state organizations. He has a bachelorís degree in political science from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, and an M.A. in Urban Studies and Community Development from the University of Tulsa.

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